Energy &

Engineering Pioneers

Designing sustainable Systems Before It Was Even A thing

B&P has been at the forefront of energy efficient and sustainable design practice since 1951. From the world’s first solar office building to the first ground coupled heat pump system in New Mexico, we have the know-how to employ innovative and creative solutions. Our engineers collaborate with the design team from the start of the project to ensure that the Owner’s energy and sustainability goals are met.


  • U.S. Green Building Council Member (2001)
  • Energy Star Partner (2010)
  • 20 LEED Accredited Professionals
  • Certified GeoExhange Designers
  • Designed 75+ Energy Star Projects
  • Designed 100+ LEED Certified Projects
  • 2.75 Million SF of Buildings Using Ground Source Heat Pumps


  • Building Envelope Analysis & Optimization
  • Cogeneration / Trigeneration Feasibility Studies
  • Daylighting Analysis
  • Early Energy Design Assistance
  • Energy Modeling Analysis
  • Energy Rebates & Incentives
  • Energy Star Benchmarking
  • Geothermal System Analysis & Design
  • LEED Consulting Services
  • Life Cycle Cost Analyses
  • Photovoltaic System Analysis & Design