1. Microgrid System Display
  2. RV Park Net-Positive Community Center & EV Charging Station
  3. Housing PV & BlockBoxes

Kirtland Air Force Base Microgrid Resiliency Project

Microgrids Provide Resilience and Efficiency

Kirtland Air Force Base partnered with Emera Technologies, Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) and the project team to create a R&D microgrid project for Sandia’s Distributed Energy Technology Laboratory, and the Photovoltaic Systems Evaluation Laboratory. The microgrid provides 100% of the power and connects six KAFB temporary housing units, the base RV Park new “Gathering Place” community center, and existing laundromat building to demonstrate how clean energy and microgrid technology can shape new systems that provide energy independence and reliability. B&P was the MEP engineers for the community building and the electrical engineers for the microgrid system that integrated the Emera Battery Storage / Controls BlockBoxes, photovoltaic systems on buildings and connections to both the KAFB distribution system and Sandia National Laboratories photovoltaic test fields.

The RV Park community center was designed as a net-positive energy high-performance building; it is integrated into a larger overall resilient microgrid system consisting of 100kW solar and 200kW/200kWh battery storage. The Gathering Space has LED-wall screens that can display the BlockEnergy modular microgrid system showing the generation, storage, and exchange of renewable power values for purposes of real time flexible demand-side management/control, testing and demonstration of the entire system.

Emera Technologies performed analysis from inputs from building energy usage and determined the size and quantity of BlockBoxes, photovoltaic panels, and natural gas engine generators necessary to provide 24/7/365 power to the three groups of buildings. The project team developed and installed the systems that included an overhead 750 VDC system to connect the components, integration with KAFB power system, transfer switches to provide backup and isolation for maintenance and connections to both SNL’s photovoltaic test field and the Distributed Energy Technologies Lab. While the system monitors and shares power between the components, it also provides connections to SNL who can connect different sources on the system for analysis how the system reacts, stability, and power flow.


Albuquerque, NM





NAIOP-New Mexico Chapter, 2020 Awards of Excellence – Industrial/Infrastructure Project




Battery Storage

Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Microgrid Connects SNL & KAFB Sites


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